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About Emre

I am a Ph.D. student with a focus on mathematical reasoning, computer programming, and teacher learning. I obtained my bachelor's degree in mathematics education from a university in Turkiye and completed my master's degree in educational technology at the University of Delaware.

During my Ph.D. program, I served as a graduate research assistant for two years on an NSF-funded project. I also worked as a graduate research assistant at the John A. Dutton Institute for Teaching and Learning Excellence at Penn State.

My research interests include STEM education, emerging technologies, robot programming, and game development. I am passionate about discussing these topics and exploring new ideas in these fields.


You can find me on X using hashtags like #academictwitter, #phdlife, #phdvoice, and/or #phdchat

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April 2024

March 2024

Feb 2024

  • accepted for a short paper (1) and posters (2) at ISLS 2024

    • 'Achievify’s learning-centric and AI-powered guide to charting career paths'

    • 'Experiential game-making as a conceptual approach for enhancing collaborative learning'

    • 'Ambient identity cues for minoritized students in elementary STEM classrooms'

Jan 2024

  • scheduled my dissertation defense for April 22nd, 2024

  • paper accepted to Educational Technology Research and Development:

    • 'Transfer of responsibility from scaffolding to preservice early childhood teachers learning to debug'​

  • became (volunteered) an Education Specialist in a startup company:​

    • Achievify LLC: developing learning-centric and AI-based career advising online platforms​

Dec 2023


Nov 2023

  • accepted for roundtable (3) and paper presentation (1) at AERA 2024:

    • 'Exploring barriers and challenges in academic experiences of neurodivergent learners'​

    • 'Guided and reflective journaling in a study-away program: Student insights'

    • 'Study of ambient cues in predominantly white elementary STEM classrooms'

    • 'Study of prospective teachers’ visual reflection on teaching preschoolers with robots'

  • accepted for poster presentation at AAAL 2024:

    • 'Heus omnibus linguistae audite vocem populi: Hey all you linguists, listen to the people’s voices'

  • taught 'Playful programming' in ECE479 - The Young Child's Play as Educative Processes at Penn State's College of Education

Oct 2023

Aug 2023

  • taught 'Playful programming' in ECE479 - The Young Child's Play as Educative Processes at Penn State's College of Education

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